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Dear parents, Education emerges where everything else fails. It is priceless gift of wisdom, this art of instruction is extremely subtle and dedicated but a good school practicesit harmoniously and blends formal with informal. We proudly affirm our commitment on the quality over quantity and hopefully try our best to nurture pupil mind in the shade of RPS. We are sure to achieve the objectives and mission of our institution, which concerns only and only what we have said for the development of the children with your help and continuous support. With warm regards,

Ajay Choudhary

RPS is having plethora of social, cultural and co-curricular activities. It provides a dynamic secular platform across the length and breadth of society. Co-curricular activities answer the harmonious growth of children and it helps in streamlining the talents of the child, improves analytical thrust, values, orientation and various other factors of life.

Mrs. Jyoti Singh

It’s my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Executive Director and day in and day out execute things to accomplish every aspect of this modern school in this competitive age, where aspiration of every child is to become what he or she wants to do and be in life. Every minute details of pedagogy and its operational aspect is a challenging task, which become my Mission and Goal.

Shailendra Choudhary
Executive Director



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